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Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Service Company in La Vergne

If you are in La Vergne and searching for commercial cleaning company near me, An Excellent Janitorial Service is there to help you out. Call us NOW!

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If you are in La Vergne and searching for commercial cleaning company near me,
An Excellent Janitorial Service is there to help you out. Call us NOW!
Having experience of over 25 years, An Excellent Janitorial Service is a professional commercial janitorial service company La Vergne, Tennessee. We have served business entities of all sizes, and are willing to serve you. Book your session TODAY!

Who Are We Serving?

An Excellent Janitorial Service is a commercial janitorial service company La Vergne serving all business entities who need commercial cleaning services. Our team will do the job for you.

About Us

Founded by Ben Tews, our company has more than 25 years of experience in the janitorial cleaning services market. Our professionalism and excellence has been perfected and that makes our expertise unparalleled in Tennessee.

Our Approach

Cleaning up commercial spaces is not a matter of just sweeping and mopping. There is a lot more than a residential property would demand. For starters, commercial spaces are mostly offices, and offices have more people than your typical home would. Even a startup would have a team of at least 15 or more people in the beginning. That means you need to make sure no one gets harmed during the cleaning process.

An Excellent Janitorial Service ensures everyone’s health is taken care of. We use neutral cleaning solutions, and do ask you if anyone has any allergic health conditions we must know of beforehand. After mopping your space clean, we make sure it dries up, so that there are no chances of any slippery accidents on the floor. We are a professional commercial janitorial service company La Vergne in La Vergne, Tennessee.

Who Is Our Service For?

Our professional janitorial service in La Vergne is for all commercial entities (big or small) who need a proper cleaning caretaker to take charge of the job.

About An Excellent Janitorial Service

Having over 25 years of experience in the janitorial industry, An Excellent Janitorial Service is founded by Ben Tews. We bring excellence and professionalism to the commercial cleaning market in Tennessee.

Our Approach

When you have to clean up commercial spaces, it is more than just cleaning up a space with bleach. A business entity has a number of workers, so you need to make sure everyone stays safe. There are specific safety standards you need to adhere to. In addition to that, cleaners also need to be trained and fully certified to be able to work in their environment. Our clients range from restaurants to hospitals, that’s why our cleaners know how to adjust to the nature of their environment. They understand that there is no room for error when it comes to your health. That’s why we take a safe approach and double check everything

We Offer Multiple Cleaning Services, Including

Let us keep your business spotless! Proudly serving Nashville, TN and surrounding communities since 2014.

Carpet Cleaning

Our team makes sure we figure out what fiber your rugs and carpets are made of, and work accordingly. We will restore your carpets to a fresh and clean condition, and their texture won’t get harmed in the process. We also groom rugs to enhance their look & feel. You can choose from our anti-microbial and deodorizing solutions to see which one would be best for your carpets. In the end, we use a sanitizer to make sure your rugs are delivered to you germ-free!

Tile Grout Cleaning

Nobody likes a shabby floor, but if you have grout and dirty tiles, that’s what it looks like. This is tricky to clean up because the grout has pores inside which the soil ends up settling. Such stains can therefore not be removed even with aggressive cleaning methods. We make sure that we clean such stained tiles as well, with chemicals that can remove the stains. Before we start the cleaning process, our team will explain it to you, to make sure you approve of it.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Cleaning up a hard surface floor is a technical job that requires advanced ways and strong cleaning agents to remove the debris and dirt from the floors. Be it vinyl, tile, wood, or marble, An Excellent Janitorial Service has experienced professionals who know just how to clean your hard floors. You can count on us to increase the life of your hard floors.

Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning up your old sofa is a better way instead of just throwing it out and getting a new one to replace it, just because it has gotten a little dirty. You just need the right cleaner like An Excellent Janitorial Service.

Window Washing

Sometimes, and due to lack of regular cleaning, windows tend to get stained over time. You could try to DIY the cleaning job, but that might be tricky. That’s when you should call the experts at An Excellent Janitorial Service, who will remove all those nasty stains for you, leaving your windows neat and clean!


What Makes Us Different

Our company provides you:

We Offer:

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A Hygienic Environment

We have been specially active with maintaining hygiene ever since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out worldwide. This has led us to provide disinfecting services to public spaces, hospitals, restaurants, retailers, and automobile dealerships. We have customized cleaning and janitorial packages you can subscribe to.

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All Our Cleaning Solutions Are ISO-Certified

We have well-defined standard operating procedures (SOPs) that our team is supposed to adhere to. We use safe cleaning solutions only, so you can count on us.

How To Hire Us

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Make us a call to book your session

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Let us conform your slot (on busier days this could take a while, as we need to check available slots)

Step 3

We get back to you, and once you confirm your availability on the available time slot, your janitorial cleaning session gets confirmed!

Please note that this is not a one-time session. You can get daily, weekly, or monthly janitorial cleaning plans for your company.

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